Decrease Your Fuel Consumption
By up to 33%

and Lower Your CO2 Emissions by over 2 Tons Per Year
  • Fuel Efficiency Adviser™
    Display real-time information that reflects cash impact of your
    current and new Smart Driving habits.
  • Your Green Contribution
    Eliminate 19.4 lbs of CO2 per gallon of fuel not burned as a result of your new driving personality.
  • Become a Star Driver™
    An option to be a part of an online community of Star Drivers™
Hybrid Performacne Without the Cost
The Fuel Efficiency Adviser™ will empower you to save cash by creating the most accurate profile of your driving personality that has ever existed.
Monitor Your Fuel Usage Fuel Monitor
Display real-time information about your fuel usage as you drive
4 Build-in Trip Computers Trip Computer
4 Built-in trip computers. Display trip data with automatic trip-start feature.
Real-time Digital Gauges Digital Gauges
Display the current operating conditions of your vehicle in real-time.
Fuel Efficiency Adviser
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Reduce your Environmental Impact Reports indicate that a typical new vehicle driven 15,000 miles per year will produce some 9 tons of CO2.

Smart Driving will reduce that estimate by at least 2 tons. Your contribution to the environment would be equal to planting at least 6 trees during each month that you own or lease a vehicle that has a Fuel Efficiency Adviser™.

The Fuel Efficiency Adviser™ gives you the ability to consciously modify your driving habits on a real time basis and accurately measure your current dollar and cents savings.

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Make a Commitment to Conserve


Join a National Community of Drivers Who Commit to Measure and Modify Their Driving Behavior to Reduce Their Personal Carbon Footprint by a Minimum of 2 Tons Per Year…. And Save Money While You Are Doing It

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  • The Early Show on NBC

    The Fuel Efficiency Adviser™ was recently featured on the CBS EARLY SHOW.

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    Join a National Community of Drivers Who Commit to Measure and Modify Their Driving Behavior

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